before she was mom

I don't know much about Lola2Amara, I'm embarrassed to say.

Yes, she's my mom. But her life prior to arriving in the United States in the 1970's has mysteriously been voided from our family history.

But because Lola2Amara celebrated her birthday this past Wednesday, I felt compelled to write a little about her before she was mom...inspired by this post on Blogher.

Lola2Amara's father stayed in the Philippines during martial law. His job prohibited him from leaving the country. Lola2Amara, however, decided to join her stepmother (Great-Grandma2Amara) in the United States, desperately hoping for a better life for their family.

Before leaving the Philippines, Lola2Amara was already a practicing nurse. She had graduated from school and was working in a local hospital. (Coincidentally, that's how she met Lolo2Amara. But that's a whole 'nother story.)

And that's the extent of what I know about Lola2Amara before she was mom. I know little about her childhood.

But what I do know is about her life after she was mom.

Lola2Amara would work evenings and weekends so that Aunt2Amara and I would not need a babysitter. She and Lolo2Amara would trade childcare duties.

Lola2Amara held managerial positions in nursing at a young age. And she was well loved by both patients and fellow nurses. Could be why I strive to be so successful in my career today.

Lola2Amara would throw the best birthday parties, making me the envy of all of my classmates. She was the type of mom who would bring McDonald Happy Meals in for each child.

And now, even when she's feeling sick, filled with the awful side affects of an evil cancer, Lola2Amara still fights because she is determined to stay in this world with Amara and the rest of her family.

I wish I could share with Amara one day the details of Lola2Amara's childhood. But I think I have pages upon pages of Lola2Amara's history that I think we'll be ok.


  1. what a great mini autobiography and tribute to lola2amara. i was thinking how great blogs are because someday, amara will be able to know her mom's thoughts and understand how she got to be the woman she is...

  2. Aww, I love this picture! They looked SO young! Happy Birthday to Tita!

  3. What a great pic! Funny what a struggle it is to get to know our parents as their own separate selves...this is a lovely post.

  4. Nice pic of Leslie in a nurse outfit! Oh wait...


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