Easter basket drama

It's 30-something degrees out.

Amara doesn't have a pink pair of tights for this weekend.

And the Easter bunny had a dang of a time filling her basket.

Ahhhh, the first day of spring.

I have never stressed out over Amara's Easter basket. But for some reason this year, I felt tremendous pressure to have the perfect gifts from the Easter bunny.

I knew Grandma2Amara would buy a ton of candy. Plus I didn't want all that stuff in my house. Because you know it wouldn't be Amara eating it all.

And I don't think the Easter bunny would conceivably hit Gymboree for a dress.

So what would I buy her?

And what would I buy Cousins2Amara, whose mom probably would rather me stay away from the spring treats too?

I scoured Target. I went up and down aisle by aisle, in search of anything that wasn't too kitschy. Because kitsch meant I would hate it by week's end. And I wanted something perhaps educational...but not too educational that the kids would hate me.

My head hurt just thinking about it.

And wouldn't you know it. I found books. And DVD's. And cars inside colorful eggs (obviously not for Amara). And notebooks. And colored pencils.

Once the Easter bunny delivers the goods, I'll have pictures for you.

But I just wanted to prove that it is possible -- you can buy things other than candy for your basket!


  1. No balut eggs this year??

    Oh, c'mon, you knew I had to put that in there..

    Happy Easter, mom2amara family!!!

  2. I struggled a little with the same thing... I went with a Tonka pick-up truck that tows a small John Deer tractor and a Barbie Mariposa fairy set (the 3" dolls - Sweetie's favorite). They were also given a small chocolate egg, a small plush bunny, and a few peeps! That was it! They were both ecstatic. :D


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