from the mouth of babes

As a mother, I have many aspirations for my daughter.

I dream that one day, she will be President.

Or a doctor.

Or maybe a even a rock star a la American Idol.

So imagine my surprise when we sat on the family room sofa, watching one of our favorite shows (Project Runway) and a commercial comes on for its limited edition sewing machines. I assumed my little diva wanted to be a fashion designer too. I mean, she was always playing with fabric, doing a little ditty down her homemade catwalk.

"Nope, Mommy," she replied. "I want to be a Princess.

I explained that even Princesses had responsibilities. I told her it was OK for a Princess to have a job.

And without hesitation, Amara responded, "Mom, a Princess' job is to dance with the Prince. That's what I'm going to do when I grow up!"

Ha! If only life were that simple!


  1. just make sure she keeps her resume clean because "the media" can find out every little bad thing you've ever done. make sure she doesn't go around this summer kissing frogs too!


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