my birthday manifesto

I never considered writing a manifesto until I read about it on BlogHer.


It all sounds so intimidating. I mean seriously -- making a public declaration for the entire world to read? Laying it all out there? It's completely overwhelming.

But my birthday is this weekend.

And with an impending blizzard on our doorstep, I found myself already complaining that my birthday would be a bust. We had plans to go out of town. And now not only is it likely that we'll be buried in snow. But I will likely be trekking in the mom-mobile to work to help with our news coverage.


And that's why I want to write my birthday manifesto. I don't want to start my birthday week off with doom and gloom. Because I have so much to look forward to this year.

So I intend to do the following in the next twelve months:
  • Run a half marathon.

  • Pick up Amara from school more.

  • Talk more with Dad2Amara about expanding our family.

  • Volunteer more.

  • Knit more.

  • Blog more.
Open ended declarations, yes. But imagine just how much fun it will be to read about it.

I'm even looking forward to living it out.


  1. Happy Birthday Nikki!
    Tom & I were planning on Chicago for this weekend to celebrate the big 2-9 but we had to cancel due to weather and house shopping (we sold the house!!!). Hope you still have a great adventure with the mom-mobile. :D

  2. Half-Mary !!! You can SO do it - I know it! Pick a training plan - with your busy schedule look at FIRST (its 3days running/2days crosstraining) - and get busy!! :)

  3. Let me be the first to wish you pre-happy birthday.

    Love your manifesto.
    I would run a half-marathon with you.

  4. Happy upcoming birthday! I love your list. May this year be filled with joy and lots of fun, too. xo

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Sucks that you'll need to go in. But, better ou than me.

  6. Thanks y'all for the birthday wishes!

    Susan -- Why don't you meet us down at WDW for the half marathon? The kids would love it!

    Brian -- Yes, it does stink to be me :)

    Melissa -- Happy birthday, girl!


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