she's talked her way to another milestone

After another eventful day at work, I plopped down on the sofa - laptop in hand - to catch up on blogs.

And that's when the phone rang.

Dad2Amara picked it up. I assumed it was work. But he immediately handed it over to Amara.


Yes, my four year old daughter has received her first social phone call at home.

It was a friend from school.

What preschoolers talk about over the phone is beyond me. I heard a lot of hi's, um's, and goodbye's.

And there was a lot of silence.

Guess they were just catching up on the latest school gossip.


  1. My Sweetie has been running to answer the phone when it rings! Too funny! :)

  2. OMG - thats so cute! I've been called by Amara before - there's a lot of silence and mumbling about princesses and dancing. I guess you have to be in pre-school to understand... heheh

  3. Awesome! I remember getting my first phone calls from friends! Back when our phone had a dial and was connected to the wall! ;)
    My 4-year-old niece doesn't get social phone calls yet, but she loves to talk on the phone, although she really has absolutely nothing to say and often hangs up abruptly in the middle of the other person's sentence!


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