things were hopping moving this Easter

It's amazing how quickly holidays fly by now that I am an "adult."

But it doesn't mean it's any less fun. Or busy.

Our Easter began with all of us sleeping through our alarms.

Nothing like getting to church late on Easter morning. We had to stand for half of the service. Good times. But I digress.

Amara awoke to her Easter basket filled to the brim with goodies.

I hurriedly got her dressed and out the door for church and for dinner at Grandma2Amara's.

After stuffing ourselves silly with ham and all the fixings, Dad2Amara rushed home so we could...pack.

Yes, we signed the contract on a new house!

Our realtor came over Friday and suggested we pack up most of our stuff for staging.

Now, you don't have to take my word for it. However, I am not a pack rat. And clutter drives me crazy. So I can honestly say everything has a purpose and a place in my home.

So it confused me to be instructed to pack up our belongings.

But right now, my realtor's wish is my every command.

So we purged our earthly possessions as much as we could in six hours before calling it a night.

The purge will continue all week. And hopefully we'll have the house on the market come next week.

We're so excited to be moving. We'll have more space. A better school district for Amara. And we'll shave more than 10 minutes on our commute.

We're moving and shaking now. Be prepared for more posts to come on the house building process!


  1. yeah, congrats on the house but "princess" on the Easter basket? that's not going to spoil amara...

  2. I fear an impending shortage of moving boxes.

    Hands off.

  3. I fear an impending shortage of moving boxes.

    Hands off!!

  4. Congrats on the new house!! How exciting - and stressful (I hate moving). :)

    Adorable basket, Amara! :)

  5. Congrats! Can't wait to read all about it.

  6. How exciting!! We bought and sold a house last year and although the process is sometimes tiring and moving is hard work, it's such a great reward. I hope your house sells quickly and you love your new digs. Can you post pictures of the new house in progress?

  7. Congrats! Since we move every 3 years I have already started to think about the "new owners" and what they will think about my house even though I have only owned it for 9 months! What town are you moving to?

  8. And yes, Miss Ma'am...I did go over to Mac...bwahahahahahahah..

    Ask Barry W. about his adventures with his new PC laptop with Vista..


    I laugh as I wallow in my Mac goodness.


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