what's that? up in the sky?

It's a bird.

It's a plane.

No, it's the sun!

And after a day like yesterday, I was tickled that the sun would come out. On my birthday! (Oh, and thanks Taawd for keeping good record of the storm!)

Waking up at the Wyndham by myself was sad. Working on my birthday was worse. But to see what mother nature left in my backyard still surprised the heck out of me.

I finally got home to Amara. And she was all smiles. We went out for a low key lunch. Then I crashed on the sofa. Without enjoying the sunlight. Damn.

Here's a picture of Amara from today. Just for good measure.


  1. by the way, happy birthday! i wanted to send you a text message but kept forgetting! hope this will suffice! see ya in the morning! argh!

  2. I'm sorry your birthday week got off to a bad start. Hopefully, it will turn around.

    I don't know which is correct so I'll go with all three....

    Mayap a Kabaitan!
    Maligayang Bati!
    Maligayang Kaadlawan!


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