how fast does that mom-mobile go?

I was sitting at work, trying to finish up some odds and ends, when it happened.

It's the call every parent dreads.

Dad2Amara was on the line. I could hear Amara in the background...wailing. Her right ear was throbbing.

Amara's never had an ear infection before.

And I've never heard her cry in pain the way she was.

So I raced to the urgent care in my mom-mobile. The 20 minute drive to my hometown felt like an eternity.

Or so I thought. I wasn't prepared to sit for an hour in an empty urgent care, waiting for a physician's assistant to see us. That felt like an eternity. Not to mention I was annoyed that the doctor couldn't even give us the courtesy of seeing Amara when no other patients were in the building.

But I digress.

After finally arriving back home, I started to pack.

Have I mentioned I'm headed for San Diego today?

Leave it to me to procrastinate. So I had to get all my clothes together. Then I wrote out my presentation outline (I'm on a panel at a conference). Yeah, I still don't have my video presentation done and my plane leaves in five hours.

I have tremendous guilt leaving town -- selling the house (by the way, have you checked out our house blog yet?), Amara being sick, work obligations, blah blah blah. There's just a lot going on.

But that makes me want to take the mom-mobile and go far, far away as fast as I can.

I'm burned out.

So how fast can my mom-mobile go?

Not fast enough.

I can't wait to hop a plan and head for sunny California!