I'd rather be cleaning

Seriously. I didn't think it'd be possible.

I would rather be home, scrubbing floors.

My family arrived at the hospital for Lola2Amara's surgery before the sun rose. We said our I love you's. And the orderly wheeled her away.

So just as we sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee at the other end of the hospital's campus, we were paged to hurry back.


Fortunately, Lola2Amara is OK. But her six hour surgery has been delayed three.

Looks like it's going to be an even longer day.

I'd rather be cleaning.


  1. Thinking of you lots today. And of Lola2Amara. I'll be checking in for updates.

    The book arrived in the mail today - thanks so much. I love getting presents on chemo week!

  2. i know we all thought a lot about you and your family throughout the day yesterday. i'm awaiting the update on how things went.


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