just let me pinch you!

I have this horrible obsession.

I love pinching Amara.

They aren't the hurtful, scarring type of pinches.

But I do enjoying squeezing her cheeks. Or her no-longer-baby arms. Or her butt.

And now that she's a "big girl," Amara doesn't appreciate it as much as she used to.

Me? I still think it's a sign of affection.

So last night, after giving her a bath, I felt compelled to pinch her beautiful face.

Amara cried.

She begged me not to pinch her again. Amara said it "hurt [her] feelings."

My response?
Amara, it hurts my feelings when you don't listen and you disobey. So I'll make a deal. You start to listen to Mommy. Then I promise not to pinch you ever again.
Amara took her index finger and pressed it against her lip in contemplation.

She then gave me the terms of her agreement.
Mom, maybe you can just pinch me on Sundays!
Mom2Amara wins again!