noun. verb. Amara.

At the end of every school day, Teachers2Amara encourage students to fill out their journals.

Last year, Amara's journal was filled with random pictures she had drawn.

This year, we have a notebook of sketches. But along side her creations were words describing her work.

Until last week.

Amara is now attempting to form simple sentences. And rather than asking for assistance from Teachers2Amara, she's sounding out all of her words, spelling them to the best of her ability.

This exercise makes me hope she'll be inspired to write more as she grows older.

Her creativity amazes me.

A sample of her work?
Once upon a time, Bele lic a Tootsie pop.
Princesses obviously like their candy.

I think back to my days of pre-phonics. Could I complete sentences at the age of four? Was I brave enough to take on Merriam Webster?

Of course I wasn't. I was an educational wimp. I went through school hoping I could retain just enough to give me a passing grade on the exam.

Not Amara.

Every mother believes their child is extraordinary. But I would go as far as asking for membership to this group.

I just bask in the fact that Teachers2Amara believe she's further ahead than the rest of the pack.

That's my girl.


  1. go amara! that's awesome. my problem taking on the dictionary... when teachers told me to look up a word, i always thought if I didn't know how to spell it, how would i find it in the dictionary. c'mon teach!

  2. Yes, she is definitely a gifted child. Take it from me, though - it's a double-edged sword. ;-)

  3. Way 2 Go, Amara! Before you know it, she'll have her own blog. :D


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