San Diego sun

I actually got sunburn on my shoulders. And it's the middle of April.

I love it.

It's always difficult for me to visit sun and surf when it's still kinda crummy back in Ohio. I hate when the trip is over and I must return to sub-zero temps.

But a glutton for punishment, I asked my aunt and uncle to pick me up from the resort to sightsee. And they did not disappoint.

I saw beautiful La Jolla Shores, a beach Amara would just love.

And while there, I insisted on seeing where the La Jolla seals had set up camp. After all, it's pupping season.

And I saw all of this while soaking up some sun on my already naturally tanned skin.

Yes, I know. I shouldn't be greedy. Grabbing a tan when I'm nowhere near Dad2Amara's pale complexion.

But how can I not smile?

The sunlight seems to turn a girl's mood.

Well, it's either that or the fact that I'm relaxed. Rested. And well fed.

Jealous yet?