stuff I hate

A few weeks ago, the Manic Mommies did their take on Oprah's Favorite Things.

But that's not what caught my attention.

It was the start of a conversation filled with stuff they hate.

Then Taawd talked about one of his pet peeves.

Yeah, I could fill a book with the things I loathe.

Start with tonight...tornadoes. I hate severe weather. But I absolutely despise tornadoes. I think it has to do with my profession. Finding a spot to send a camera to capture a spectacular lightning show is easy. When a blizzard hits, you can't miss. But tornadoes? It's always a crap shoot. Not to mention, with a tornado, I have guilt sending any person - photographer or reporter - out in those conditions.

And how about skinny girls? I know it's wrong to hate people. But I feel this is one I can. You know the ones I'm talking about. I've battled my weight forever. Roller coaster up and down. And I'm ok with it. Most of the time. But then there are the women who complain about being a size 6. Or that they can't have a piece of chocolate because they're full from their salad at lunch. Yeah you know what I'm talking about.

You know what else I hate? Denim. I'm just never comfortable in it. Never have. I wear jeans. And denim jackets and skirts. But I end up running home at the end of the day so I can change clothes.

I could go on and on. But I won't.

I think I need a drink.


  1. Hey, send us out into the dangerous areas. That's why we make the big money!!!


  2. I think I could write a book on my pet peeves! :)

  3. i end up saying things like "i hate this more than anything else" then something else comes along and i say "i hate this morning than anything else".


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