Weekend wellness

I know what you're thinking.

Wellness? After this week filled with surgery, no workouts, and food poisoning (yes, got sick at the hospital cafeteria)?

But it's true.

Lola2Amara is recovering well from surgery. Her doctors are pleased. Our family is delighted.

And because I was exhausted beyond belief, I slept until 10:30 this morning. I feel better. But now I'm running behind schedule.

We're taking Amara to see Lola2Amara now.

Lola2Amara looks good. She's stronger than I expected. And she's already complaining up a storm.

I think she's going to be OK.

Then it's back home to pack up the house and squeeze in a run.

I hope you all have a well weekend too!


  1. So glad she is doing well. I kept checking the blog to see how she was. Thanks for posting. I hope your mom feels better and recovers wonderfully! - Jaci

  2. We're very happy to hear the update. I know there is a long way to go. Baby steps! And I am SOO glad to have befriended Tim on Facebook. Love ya! Danielle xo

  3. Hooray for good news and good week ends!

  4. I'm so glad that she is doing well. We are both struggling to stay strong for our family - it's good to know we're not alone. Thank you!



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