what about Uncle Ben's

Anyone who's interacted with me in the last 48 hours knows that I'm annoyed by this story.

Honestly, could you imagine me going into my wholesale club and being turned away for buying too much rice?

I heart jasmine white rice.

How much do I love it?

Well, when I went to San Diego and ate at the Mr. Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, I had sushi. And I of course wanted rice. Two doctors who were also at the AMA conference asked why I would want rice when the sushi already had rice. Wasn't that too much?

My response? Why wouldn't I want rice?

I once went on a family vacation and we through 25 pounds of rice in 36 hours.

I love rice. A lot.

But it has to be real rice. Not that boxed rice stuff.

And why isn't Uncle Ben's being rationed? Why just my rice?

Bring it on Costco. I want to see you try to stop me from buying a cart of rice.

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  1. Oooh...GAWD!! This is a fastball over the plate...MUST...FIGHT...URGE...TO...SAY...SOMETHING..

    Ok, Jasmine rice is one thing. It's no Balut but you'll just have to make do.

    Whew. I fought the urge and won..

  2. Please Costco, don't fight mom2amara on the rice thing, she kicks butt. i've seen it firsthand!!


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