a day in the park

The thermometer finally hit over 70 degrees.

And someone was coming to see the Yellow House.

So we hit the local park with Dog2Amara.

We followed a trail to find a beautiful cottonwood tree. It was gigantic.

Amara saw caterpillars. We shared the trails with a couple on a tandem bike, runners, and other families.

We walked to our heart's content.

Unfortunately for me, that's just about a mile for the rest of my family. Me? I could have walked forever.

But that's ok. Dad2Amara promised to take us back to the park soon to explore another trail.


  1. thanks for leaving me a comment; I went through your posts about dance class.. TOTALLY could relate.

    glad you guys had nice weather and were able to get a good walk in!

  2. Ah, yes! I have totally been there. My oldest is finally old enough to want to trek for longer but the five year old...not so much.

  3. Build on their enthusiasm and gradually increase the distance! :D

  4. I think I'll take a walk today in your honor. Probably could only do a mile, though.


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