bacon and jewels

I celebrated Mother's Day sans Amara.

Stupid bronchitis took me out of the loop all weekend long. And Dad2Amara needed to take Amara to see Grandma2Amara.

(Sorry Lola2Amara. Wish we could have spent time with you.)

But Dad2Amara and Amara made sure to make the most of the morning with me.

I was brought breakfast, complete with fresh bacon from my favorite market and a beautiful necklace.

Amara was told she could choose anything as her Mother's Day gift to me. And of course, my daughter chooses jewelry.

Love that girl.

I wore my necklace today. I'll take a picture of it soon. It's simply gorgeous.

But I'm going to have to train her...while I heart my necklace, a mom still needs some other necessities. I'm going to have to introduce her to Sephora one of these days.