building frustration

I'm over here today. Hope you'll come see what's brought on new aggravation to my so called life.


  1. I have been living under a rock for a few days but have just emerged into the sunlight. Here are some thoughts:

    1-Fingers crossed that your house will sell soon. And that you will get at least your asking price. Why shouldn't you? It sounds lovely.

    2-I love Girl Guide Cookies (they're Girl Guides, here) but I have never heard of samoas. They look yummy. But they don't look calorie-free. ;-)

    3-I am sorry you were sick on Mother's Day. Bacon and a necklace sound pretty good to me, though. I got a cd and a book. But also blueberry pancakes. Mmmm.

    4. I love going for walks with my boys. I love having time with each of them alone. The very definition of quality time. And our dog is usually involved, too.

    Take good care....:-)


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