can you keep a secret?

I take pride in choosing birthday presents.

There's just something about taking the time to pick the perfect gift. You want to present the celebrant with a gift that screams I-know-you-the-best. I-thought-long-and-hard-about-this-present.

But buying a gift for Dad2Amara is extremely difficult.

He's not materialistic.

He's really not into fashion.

And he owns every book known to man. Or at least to any architect.

So what was Amara and I to buy him for his birthday?

Even though his big day isn't until next week, I knew that last night would be the only time Amara and I could sneak away to the store.

I'm still working on an idea from me. But Amara knew exactly what she wanted to get her dad: a shirt and tie.

And after Dad2Amara's tie fiasco last year, I could see why Amara would choose a nice little ensemble for him.

I took her into Dad2Amara's favorite shop. And Amara took over from there. She literally guided the salegirl from table to table, debating over tie colors, then moving on to shirts.

I'll show you her selection next week. You never know who might be reading...