conditional love

Rule number of parenting: love your children unconditionally.

But Amara apparently has a different take on the child-parent relationship.

She is Daddy's little girl. She has Dad2Amara wrapped around her little finger.

But she's my "girlfriend." And she runs to me when she is happy. Or when she's down.

But when I tell her that I love Lady, Dog2Amara, Amara freaks out. Because I should love only her.

Yet when Dad2Amara gave her a bath last night, Amara explained her hierarchy of affection. She says she loves Mom2Amara 100%. Same goes for Dog2Amara. But Dad2Amara? She put him down to 30.

When I asked Amara over the weekend what she'd like to get Dad2Amara for his upcoming birthday, she replied, "how about a hug?" My birthday? She suggested (and bought) jewelry.

She means no harm.

It's not that she doesn't love Dad2Amara. It's a girl thing. Or a Filipino power thing. Or maybe just an Amara thing.

But her Daddy still loves her 100%. That's unconditional love.


  1. LOL... Abby is pretty similar! She often thinks she can only love one person at the time, and its usually her mama. She doesn't understand percentages, but sometimes I play the "who do you like better, ---- or -----?" game with her? I'm pretty close to the top usually, sometimes beating Daddy, but I NEVER beat Mama!


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