gas tank milestone

Are you kidding me?

I know gas is more expensive in other parts of the country. But I reached a milestone that I thought I never would.

It took me $50 to fill up the mom-mobile today.

Driving is a necessity for me.

Public transportation is not readily available to me due to where I live and what times I work.

And the bus can't drop me off at the nearby Target.

So I take the mom-mobile everywhere.

But can you imagine what else I could have bought with $50?

Manicure and maybe a pedicure.

A pair of shoes perhaps.

Drinks with the girls at another wine bar.

The list could go on and on.

Have you hit the $50 mark yet?


  1. Funny you should blog about this - Mr Hazel filled up his tank yesterday and hit the $50 mark. He has to get premium grade gas, but I still remember when it would cost him *only* $30 to fill up.

  2. i couldn't believe it when i filled up my CRaVe and it was just under $50.00. Carpooling may soon be our option!

  3. How about $60 this morning to fill up the "makes home improvement projects easier" mobile? i'm downsizing within the month.


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