girl scout cookie heaven

Every so often, Amara reminds me that she wants to be a Girl Scout.

She remembers when I was troop leader for kindergartners and first graders. So it's only natural that she expect to be a Girl Scout in the fall.

Girl Scouts teach young girls how to be productive citizens. How to be caring women.

But most importantly for Mom2Amara, being a Girl Scout means selling Girl Scout cookies. Especially Samoas.

But sadly, I don't think Amara could do what one Michigan girl did.

The teen sold 17,328 boxes of cookies.

Talk about overachiever.

But I won't let that sway Amara me. Because I'll still make sure all of our family and friends buy an endless supply of cookies. And I'll buy a gazillion boxes to freeze.

Hmmmm, 17,328 boxes of Samoas. Yum.

I know. Random stuff. Don't ask.

I needed something random today.


  1. You can always count on me for a sale! I'm boring -- I like vanilla ice cream, and thin mint cookies.

  2. I wonder if you could sell some on ebay????? ;)

  3. Gotta love Girl Scout cookies and Blog Her Momma's! I'm blog surfing today as the silence falls in my house from the kids going to bed finally! Ah, the sound of sweetness!

    Now, you've got me craving Samoa's!


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