just the girls

We've started a new tradition in our house involving just us girls.

Mom2Amara. Amara. And Dog2Amara.

Now that it's warmer out, Amara wants to ride her bike.

And Dog2Amara and I could stand to lose a bit of our winter weight.

So just us girls hit the road for an evening walk after dinner.

It's a nice time for me to catch up on Amara's day.

I'm hoping this is a tradition we can keep up as Amara grows older. I can see us gossiping about my friends. Or talking about clothes. Or arguing about boyfriends.

Ah, just us girls.


  1. What a great idea! My mom and I used to walk every night when I lived at home after college! Some of my favorite mom memories!

  2. What a great idea! We take a walk as a family (since I'm with the kiddos all day) and it is a great time to catch up. It seems, at home, we all get so wrapped up in our own endeavors it is hard to communicate unless we go out for a walk. :D


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