just please stop saying sorry

Just seven days before her fifth birthday and I want to scream.

Amara has been very, um, defiant lately.

Everything must be done her way. Now.

And when it is not to her liking, watch out. She'll let you know.

Sometimes the waterworks pour. Other times, she'll pout and scream.

I call it only-child-syndrome.

Dad2Amara says it's part of growing up.

Either way, it makes me want to yell. Or curl up into a little ball and cry myself.

To make matters worse, Amara will have a chance of heart. Then she'll apologize for her wrongdoing.

But typically, I'll punish Amara with no television that day. Or no dessert after dinner.

Today, I said no evening walk with Mom2Amara.

My daughter starts balling. She apologizes. She says she'll never talk back to us again.

And now I feel like crap.

But we have to stay consistent. I can't go back and undo her punishment.

Why does she have to say she's sorry? Who taught that girl manners?


  1. But is she sorry she talked back or sorry she is being punished? ;-)
    My youngest often apologizes to preempt the punishment and I admit (ashamedly) that sometimes it works...

  2. Abby is the same way... and she is NOT an only child, she has a big brother and a baby sister, so she dosn't even have that for an excuse! When she goes in the Time Out chair she tends to yell out, "I'm sorry!" because she thinks that will get her out of time out. I have to yell back, "I hear you but you still have four minutes!" Sneaky little buggers aren't they?

  3. uggg. tough spot! hard as it may be, she sounds like a smart kid and will get the hang of thinking before talking back pretty quick.

    I do think it is a symptom of the age, though; my friend's little girl is 5, and she can change her mood and personality on a DIME... depending on the audience.

    at any rate... try to think of this as a good foundation for her being a very persuasive woman when she grows up! :)


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