'idol'-ize me

One of Amara's favorite pastimes is to be allowed to stay up late on Wednesdays so she can watch American Idol.

And with tonight being the finale, I couldn't end the practice prematurely.

So Amara was able to see her favorite contestants, including Filipina Ramiele Malubay.

Aside from losing an hour or two of sleep, I never minded Amara watching Idol.

Until last night.

Amara asked if I would take her to see American Idol Live. Of course their tour makes a stop in our city.

My daughter is not quite five. And she's asking to go to a concert?

How do I respond? How young is too young for a concert?

I'll admit - I have dreams of taking Amara to a U2 concert. Having Bono take her up on stage would be phenomenal.

But honestly, some concert-goers can be lewd and crude. And I'm talking the adults.

Could you imagine how some of the teeny boppers would be at the Idol concert?

Add all of that to the fact that it's gonna cost $40 a pop to take her. $40 for an American Idol concert?! Come on. They aren't celebrities.

So do I take her?

If they'd promise me George Michael or Bryan Adams were going to make a cameo, I may consider it...


  1. Would she get bored? Brett takes his little brothers to sports events and they get bored and want to leave after 1 hour - sometimes less. Plus teeny boppers are INSANE! I cant imagine all the screaming for Archuletta!

  2. Having never actually been to a concert myself, I'm not sure what I would do in this situation... but if it helps, an American Idol concert is probably going to be a lot tamer than a regular concert, right? Maybe? I don't know????

  3. U2??? Isn't that considered child abuse?

    I'd call CYS on you....


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