not a outdoorsy girl

I've never claimed to be a huge nature lover.

But I do enjoy walks in the park.

Amara's curiosity peaks every visit to our local nature center. She looks at the different plants and chases the animals.

And I like the emotions all the vibrant colors evoke. And the fresh air along the trails.

Yet what I enjoy most is the solitude. I like feeling like Amara and I are the only two people left in the world.

That was until this week.

My newsroom has covered two unrelated incidents in local parks where women were viciously attacked.

Now rather than enjoying the warmer weather, I'm left questioning the safety of our parks.

If we can't enjoy our parks, where else can our children innocently play and frolick?

The attackers were not armed with guns. Their weapons of choice were what perhaps drew the women to the parks -- tree limbs and rocks.

I had hoped to take Amara to a trail that just opened last week in our neighborhood. It's complete with two bridges that are 40 feet above a river and trails along the slag fields of an old steel mill.

Now I must reconsider where I take Amara when I'm flying solo.

Maybe I'm not an outdoorsy girl after all.


  1. Two weeks ago three people were attacked at the park that I go to every night with Billie Jean. All the dogs play there every night and its 2 blocks from my house. I'm thinking about carrying pepper spray. I'm freaked out. These attacks were with bricks and made by several 10-15 year olds! Who are these kids? Freaks me out!


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