say cheese(ball)

We all know how much I love Amara's dance class.

But the girl enjoys it. So each year, we re-enroll her.

It's a recital year. Which means costumes, flowers, and professional pictures.

Amara's costume? It's obnoxiously red huge cute.

But with her sleek bob, putting her hair into the mandated bun is going to be an issue.

Yet all of the dance moms apparently don't have issues with dousing their daughters' hair in an entire bottle of hairspray to get their young, natural locks to stay put.

And making them look like hookers is not a problem either.

I recognize the importance of makeup when she's on the stage. But putting enough makeup on a four year old to make Bozo blush? Come on!

Not to mention that the clique-y dance moms are irritating. It's no wonder there are so many hard headed kids in the world...their parents don't listen either!

When the teachers ask moms not to open the window blinds because it will compromise the integrity and quality of the pictures, you'd think they'd listen. Seriously, the teachers had to post a sign prohibiting parents from going near the windows. Pathetic.

But it's all good. I'm not hating.

Because my kid's cuter than theirs anyways. [smile]