that kid on the block

Babysitter2Amara is an angel.

I don't know what we did before her.

She picks Amara up from school.

She limits TV time.

She even bathes her when I'm running late from work.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find two bikes in my drive, neither of which were Amara's.

I checked the backyard. No kids there.

I peeked into the kitchen. No one their either.

Amara and those neighborhood kids were in the Yellow House.

I scrambled to get them out. Dad2Amara is not a fan.

But it was too late.

The brother-and-sister-duo had already broken our gumball machine and Amara's not cheap American Girl carriage.

We all have them. Those kids who come from shady homes. You know what I'm talking about. No manners. Rude as all get up. Simply a bad influence.

And what bothers me most is that their dad had no qualms about letting play at the Yellow House while Babysitter2Amara was there. We are most definitely not friends. So what makes him think he can use my babysitter too?

I can't wait to move.