where's that dinosaur?

Ever have a week where you were just waiting for the dinosaur's foot to come down and splat...it squashes you?

I've been mad crazy at work.

So I assumed the sniffling I had was allergies.

But sniffling became coughing.

Then came the body aches. And headaches. And chest tightness.

But I couldn't take too much time off work. So I didn't get to the doctor's until today.

And there the dinosaur was.

He's called bronchitis. And he brought his friend sinus infection along.

Looks like I'll be spending an uneventful weekend in bed.

Maybe the dinosaur will lift his foot up from my chest sometime soon.


  1. OOOh, bronchitis PLUS a sinus infection? That sucks! I hope you are able to get as much rest as possible because, as a frequent sufferer of both bronchitis and sinus infections, I've noticed that sleeping is REALLY the only thing that makes you get better faster! Lots and lots of sleep! Good luck with that...


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