why I could be the world's worst mommy

I'll give you three choices. You decide.
  1. Amara's school was holding its Mother's Day "tea" Monday afternoon. Afternoon. You know, the ideal time for a working mom. I promised Amara I would go. But then I realized I was working by myself that day. Then we had breaking news. That's television speak for not-a-chance-in-hell-can-you-leave. I was so torn. Luckily I had Dad2Amara. He told me "how could you?" then reminded me, "she's your daughter." Ain't he sweet and supportive. So after an agonizing afternoon at work, I finally made it to her school for the last ten minutes of the program. I sobbed the entire drive from work to her school. I was the only mom not at her school.
  2. Amara told Dad2Amara that she wanted to watch her new television show tonight. Hell's Kitchen. And yes, my four year old said hell.
  3. Before turning in for the night, Amara told me she was "sad" because I was late to her school yesterday. It made her "nervous." Bad mommy.

I just don't win. Another typical day for a mother.


  1. Go easy on yourself. Amara knows how much you love her. I have totally been in that kind of conflicted situation and it's sooooo hard.


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