birthday extravaganza

Amara celebrated a friend's birthday over the weekend. I know who the birthday girl is. But her parents could slap me across the face and I'd have no idea who they were.

So I didn't know what to expect when we rang the doorbell to their home.

Friend2Amara's mom offered for me to stay. But I boogied out to run errands.

Everything seemed status quo. The table was set for cake. Some games were scattered around the living room.

But when I arrived to pick Amara up, I saw that this was no ordinary five year old's party.

Friend2Amara's mom obviously didn't kid around when it came to her daughter's birthday party.

The family brought in a face painter. I've never hired one. But I can't imagine that being a cheap expense.

Each partygoer was sent home with her own set of fairy wings, fairy skirt, and wand all packed in a beautiful personalized bag.

Amara's fifth birthday is next week. And I haven't even planned our family get together.

Yet Friend2Amara's mom has a royal dinner laid out.

Ugh. I hate overachievers. What happened to simplicity?


  1. guilty as charged. personally, I think one of the perks for having kids is being able to have more parties a year.

    but I'm weird like that.

    don't worry, though.. I fail miserably as a mother and wife and friend and woman in MANY MANY other areas.. so I consider it all balanced. Just tell yourself the friend's mom has unorganized piles in her closets or hairy legs cause she forgets to shave. HAH!

  2. You calling someone else overachiever?

    Hello Pot -- Meet Kettle.


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