first of many gifts

It's a law of nature.

No matter what time a mom wakes up the morning of their child's birthday, it's never early enough.

I wanted to get a run in before Amara's big day began. But as I was taking my last sip of G2, I heard rumbling upstairs.

Amara came barreling down the stairs, very excited. She realized she was finally a five year old girl.

Then, she noticed her present.

She was polite enough to open the card first.

Then she saw it.

Amara says she's wanted the Fashion Studio kit "forever."

Ever since a certain Mom2Amara allowed her to stay up late to watch Project Runway, she's been obsessed with fashion. And clothes.

Aside from the kit, all she's asked for are new skirts and dresses.

So now she's doing a dance because she can create her own designs on a little velvet mannequin. It even came with a bolt of animal print fabric.

Dad2Amara is thrilled to have a girly girl who wants nothing but to shop for clothes. All the time. [snicker]

Me? I'm happy Amara's birthday started off so well.

Happy birthday, Amara!!


  1. Happy Birthday Amara!!!
    Wish I looked that good when I come down the stairs in the morning!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Amara! You're just a doll! Now I know who to call for fashion tips!

  3. awww....

    Hey are you going to blogher? Sf? I saw the bar on the side of your screen


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