I love a day off

This may rank up there as one of the greatest mornings ever.

I slept in. (Amara's still asleep.)

I made a huge breakfast.

I have yet to turn on my cell phone.

I'm blogging.

And I'm not at work.

I took today and tomorrow off because of Amara's recital. (If you haven't seen her sneak preview, you can check it out here.)

Sounds kinda ridiculous that I'd have to take two days off. And I'm not all that thrilled that I'm burning the days because of it. But I'm just happy to not be at work.

So I'm now planning to hit the gym, call a few movers, then take Amara to dress rehearsal. After that, it's off to get a manicure with a girlfriend.

The sun is out. And I'm wearing no makeup.

I love a day off.

If you haven't heard how the big bad wolf paid us a visit, check out Amara's House blog!


  1. some of that "bad mommy-ness" (as you claim) had to work itself on thursday and friday. I hope you enjoyed your days off. I can't tell you how many times I had to hear "Where's Mo"? instead of "Hi Todd, I haven't seen you for awhile." :) Enjoy your remaining weekend.


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