it's in the bag box

Some moms enjoy their daily cup of joe.

Others like lavish dinners.

While even more have shoe fetishes that put Imelda to shame.

But me? I like purses. And while I wish I could buy bigger and better, I do admit I have a nice collection going.

Yet I've spent the summer rotating the same three handbags to match my outfits.

Why? Because I seemed to have thought packing up all of my purses would be a great idea.

Filling boxes in preparation of our move out of the Yellow House has brought on such an intense high that I must have not realized that not only did I pack away nearly every purse I own. I now cannot find the boxes in which they are hiding.

So I'm spending the summer virtually purse-less. And I'm kinda upset about it.

Purses allow me to infuse some of my personality into my daily routine. My bag goes with me everywhere. And I feel it shows people just what my style is.

So the basic black purse I have feels blah.

And my Adrienne Vittadini is being overused like a good pair of shoes. And I don't want to wear down its sole soul.

I'm trying to hold myself back from splurging on another purse since we'll be in tight quarters at the apartment.

But it is summer. And there's bound to be a good sale at the mall soon...