it's the poor girl's version of boarding school

Amara's birthday is Sunday.

And every summer she's been alive, Dad2Amara and I struggle with child care.

This is truly the worst part of being a working mom.

The high cost of child care prohibits Dad2Amara and I from leaving her at a daycare.

And the high cost of gasoline makes us think twice about dropping her off and picking her up from Grandma2Amara's. (She lives 45 minutes away.)

And the new position doesn't allow for the same flexibility I had at my former job.

So I'm left wondering if Dog2Amara could watch Amara.

Because the only option we have right now is to have Amara stay with Grandma2Amara for a few nights each week. No childcare costs. No driving back and forth.

And that makes me cringe.

And it's not even the boarding school type conditions.

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to have family willing to watch Amara.

But she gets spoiled at their house. Too spoiled.

And Amara gets her way at their house. All the time.

And I think she becomes the daughter they never had. It's creepy.

So now I have to weigh my choices. And I don't know what to do.


  1. Do you know of any young adolescents in your area that can watch her a few days a week at your home (like a nanny)?

  2. my vote is for Lady to watch her. heheheh


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