just a typical Wednesday

These days, I feel as though life is passing me by.

I enjoy my work. But the hours are long.

And long hours means less time with Amara. And with our current childcare situation, I see my daughter very little.

Last night, I found myself packing up boxes. I knew I should workout. I knew I should catch up on some emails. But I was getting ready for our semi-big move. (The big move will be when we get to the new house.)

But I got to thinking. What would a normal day be for Mom2Amara?
5:00 - Alarm goes off.
6:00 - After hitting snooze eight times, I finally crawl
out of bed and dress for work. This can take awhile, depending on whether I'm
having a fat day and can fit into my first outfit choice.
6:35 - I'm in the car, listening to SIRIUS or to news radio
as I drive to work.
6:45 - I'm on the phone with
Dad2Amara, making sure he's awake since the alarm going off a gazillion times
never seems to faze him.
7:15 - I get situated at
work after brewing a pot of coffee.
8:15 -
Finally pouring myself that said cup of coffee.
9:30 to
- Hit first meeting of the day. Then do conference call. Sprinkle
some work in.
5:30 - Proclaim I'm leaving for
6:20 - Actually walk out of the office
after said proclamation.
6:25 - I'm in the car,
listening to SIRIUS or to news radio as I drive to home.
7:00 - Hug Amara. Tell her I've missed her. Tell God that
I'm grateful Dad2Amara has started dinner.
8:00 -
Check email. Tell Amara it's bedtime.
9:00 -
Actually get Amara into the bath and ready for bed.
9:30 - Read Amara bedtime story. Fall asleep next to her.
11:00 - Dad2Amara wakes me just in time to watch
the evening news.

Then I sit and wish I had more time to do this. Or that. Or the other.

Then I realize that the day I'm looking at is mine and no one else's. And I fall in love with life all over again.


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