lifelong to-do list

I was flipping thru one of my favorite magazines when I saw their question of the month.
What are the top-three things on your lifelong to-do list?
So many women wrote in with these lofty goals.

  • Learn German in Germany.
  • Discover a cure for cancer.
  • Argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.

    Must we aspire so high?

    The first item on my to-do list was basic.

    I want to organize my recipes. And I want to find an occasion to try each of them.

    That hardly matches up to some's aspirations to end war.

    So back to the drawing board it was. I needed more to live for. (Although my stomach would still like to try some culinary delights.)

    So number one would be to run a marathon. And I think I'm closer to that goal today than I was last year.

    Two, I want to live on the Shore. I don't care if it means I just have a vacation house to spend my summers. I want a house near the Atlantic Ocean. [vigorously waves to Chris because I know you're reading from the Shore!]

    But what would round out my three things?

    And that's when it hit me.

    I want to get married again.

    I told a co-worker this tidbit and he asked if I meant I wanted to renew my vows with Dad2Amara.

    And while that would be nice. I really just want the lavish dinner and dancing. I want the dress. And I want every detail to be my own.

    See, when Dad2Amara proposed, I assumed the wedding I had been dreaming of since I was a child would become reality.

    But Lola2Amara and Grandma2Amara had different ideas. And since we split the cost of the wedding three ways, it was only fair to allow some of the decisions to leave my hands. But that didn't mean I had to like them.

    I wanted a small wedding. We had 450 guests.

    I wanted to hold my reception somewhere non-traditional. The zoo. The park. I even suggested just taking a small group of family and friends to Walt Disney World. We ended up at a country club.

    I wanted a fairy tale dress. And while I liked my dress, it was common.

    And ever since our wedding day, I wished I could have it to do all over again.

    And I want to live a life of no regrets.

    Isn't that why we concoct "lifelong to-do lists?"

    What are some of the things on your list?
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    1. I have thought about renewing our vows - when DH and I got married, we (parents included) didn't have much money so it was all very simple. I'd keep it simple but I'd like to do it more non-traditional... barefoot, perhaps on the beach or in a forest meadow with wildflowers abloom. With our kids there and only our closest friends & family. Maybe in 2010 - we'll have been married 15 years?

    2. Waving vigourously back! Sorry my shore photos couldn't brighten your crappy day!

      (By the way, I created a blog today ... no idea what to do with it yet ... but why not ... all the cool kids have one!)

    3. I'd have to say that visiting every continent is one of my 3 lifelong goals. Still searching through my cluttered mind for #2 and #3...although one is likely similar to your marathon goal!

    4. 1. Party with Madonna.
      2. Go to a nude beach and be nude (while I still can, before everything sags like a shar-pei).
      3. Walk both my kids down the aisle. And in a related topic, help birth my grandchildren.


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