not playing mom

After three days without seeing Amara, my little one will finally be home tonight.

And I have gotten nothing accomplished.

I thought the only benefit to having Amara spend a few nights at Grandma2Amara's over the summer (aside of course the savings in childcare and gasoline) would be the fact that I'd have a ton of free time.

I wouldn't have to play mom on those days.

No dashing off to dance class. No rushing to make dinner. No bedtime baths and no bedtime stories.

So how is it that I still have plenty of packing to do? And I have yet to mop my floors. And my inbox is still overflowing with emails.

What good is downtime if I can't even check up on blogs?

When I'm not playing mom, I hope to get a workout or two in (I did). And I hope to catch up on all the stuff I can't do when Amara's around.

Just shows that you can never not be mom. We're on call around the clock. Even when your kid is 20 miles away.