preschool pomp and circumstance

Today I became not a mom to a baby. Or toddler. Or preschooler.

I am now a mom to a young girl.

Before tucking her in for the night, Amara reminded me the next time I put her to bed she would no longer be a preschooler. She would be getting ready for kindergarten.


It's difficult for me to think that just two short years ago, my daughter was using crayons to squiggle lines as her signature.

Now she writing short words and forming simple sentences.


I never truly understand many of life's lessons until Amara came into our lives.

I didn't need to rush to see the new Sex in the City movie.

I don't need to be a size six (although it would be nice to see that weight again).

And I don't need to buy the latest and the greatest.

Because as soon as her graduation ceremony was complete, Amara came barreling through the crowd, giving Dad2Amara and me a huge hug. Then she took both our hands and walked with us through the park.

Congratulations, Amara. You're a big girl now. But you'll always be our Bean.


  1. COngratulations to Amara! Little Bear didn't go to preschool this year, but she is getting ready for kindergarten this fall. Its crazy isn't it, how fast they go from being babies, to toddlers, to being Big Kids?

  2. Congratulations, Amara! And to you to Mommy! It is hard to let them grow up, isn't it? :)

  3. congrats!!!! and happy birthday! so much excitement going on!!!!


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