The Many Uses Of Duct Tape

I discovered this weekend how much I heart duct tape.

I've seen stories on teens making their prom dresses out of duct tape. (I actually saw this creation in person.)

And since I'm so not handy, I always joke about duct taping things together to make it work.

But every year without fail, Amara and I hit the Duct Tape Festival. And I'm reminded as to just how many uses there are for the stuff.

As we drove through the parking lot in search for a spot, we noticed a car that had fixed its broken tail light with duct tape.

Amara made a necklace. And tried her hand at making a pirate's hat.

And she posed with one manly looking mermaid.

We had so much fun.

Me? I love carny food. And the duct tape kept Amara occupied.

Amara? She got her fill of the tape then hit the rides.

And as the day grew longer, I considered duct taping Amara's mouth shut. (I jest. I jest. Please don't call social services.)

But I do think Amara was sick of Mom2Amara and my camera.

Gotta love local festivals.


  1. Duct Tape Festival??!! There must be a festival for everything - somewhere! How odd. Great masculine mermaid though - very creative. :)

  2. Mmmmmm ... carny food.

    I LOVE carny food.

    In fact, I MADE carny food ... best damn hot pretzels in the midwest.

    My old carny days ain't looking too bad right now!


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