the room's spinning and it won't stop

Is it seriously Monday already?

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. Or an old man who walked uphill to school...both ways. But honestly. Where does the time go?

Saturday was a whirlwind day.

After a second visit to the cabinet store (I finally chose the granite for our kitchen. And I changed some things in our master bath.), we rushed to see my girlfriend's band play.

Amara idolizes my girlfriend. And you know what, I do too. So it was a treat for Amara to see her idol take the stage.

Oh and did I mention that I walked crawled at a snail's pace attempted to run a 5K Saturday morning?

I really do love running. And I love running by myself. I was up to 2 miles on my normal route. A nice flat surface, shaded by lots of trees. At a nice leisurely 12 minute mile pace.

So imagine my surprise when I started huffing and puffing at three-quarters of a mile.

I had left my inhaler in the car because I was feeling good that morning. Big mistake.

My running partner (AKA Amara's idol...I saw her lots this past weekend) runs faster than me. And I think I was trying to keep up with her while she tried to slow down to my pace. And she talks while she runs. I'm not used to that. And there was not a tree in sight along our route.

So I resorted to run a bit, walk a bit. I was disappointed I didn't run more. But I had a great time.

Sunday was filled with four trips to our new apartment. The movers come Wednesday. But I wanted to get a head start on some of things I just can't trust to them. (Want a glimpse of the new place? Check out Amara's House blog.)

I'm so tired. But there's still so much to do.

The room's spinning. And I can't get it to stop.

Maybe I need another drink. Or maybe I need to get a good run in.

Whatever it is, I need another 8 hours in the day to complete it.

Thanks to everyone's kind thoughts and prayers regarding Lola2Amara. She was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. The doctor's say things look good right now. But they've warned us that she will need yet another surgery in four to six months. But for right now, she's doing ok. And that's good news for us.


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