we survived the dance recital

I learned two valuable lessons Friday.

I never imagined being a "stage mom" could be so hard.

And dance moms aren't that bad.

Don't misunderstand. I'm in no way best friends with any of them. But we all worked together last night to make the most of the performance.

Keeping 13 girls happy for a two and a half hour show. Backstage is no joke. No amount of snacks, crafts, and dvd's can keep them occupied.

I alone helped a little one who got stage fright. Then there was the girl who lost an earring. And don't forget the dancer who cried because she didn't have enough lipstick on.

It was a challenging night. But most importantly, Amara had a good time.

She did so well on stage. Except when she stopped mid-dance to wave. But at least that was cute.

We all survived. And I'm just glad it's the weekend.


  1. OMG!!

    "um mummie, i don't think my lips are sufficiently covered."

    i'm glad you survived!

  2. Little divas ... I can only imagine! I don't volunteer to help backstage for that exact reason. My little ones recital is this coming Sat... they are brides!!! I'm certain I'll cry.


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