what I need to do this summer

I've never participated in a Thursday Thirteen. But Makita made a great to-do list just for the summer.

It's similar to a list I just did. It just helps focus me on the here and now.

While I still hope to run a marathon, there's so much I want to do this summer.

  1. Get through packing and unpacking. Then packing and unpacking again.

  2. Take Amara to the beach.

  3. Run my first official 5K.

  4. Run my first 10K.

  5. Get a massage.

  6. Lose 15 pounds. (Yeah I'm on Weight Watchers again. It helped me pre-Amara so maybe I'll have good luck again.)

  7. Hit the farmers' market. I hate that I haven't patronized them yet this season.

  8. Have a date night with Dad2Amara

  9. Call all the friends I've been meaning to catch up with. (Sorry girls, I really have been busy.)

  10. Take one week and sleep 8 hours each night.

  11. Forward all my mail to the new house. (I know there are places I'm forgetting to tell about the move.)

  12. See Aunt2Amara in Columbus.

  13. Find time to meet up with Amara's friends for a promised playdate.

It all seems so simple.

Yet there are only 24 hours in each day.

What are you summer plans? What are you hoping to get accomplished?


  1. I love the simplicity of 13 things for summer. But you are so right - there are only 24 hours. We'll see how much actually gets accomplished. :D


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