how quickly times flies

The summer has completely caught me by surprise. And mid-July is staring me in the face.

And in the midst of it all, I forgot to have Amara's five year pictures taken.

When she reminded me of this oversight, I scheduled her in for this weekend.

And while I'm not thrilled with how her hair looks (I've also forgotten to take her for a haircut last month), I can't believe how quickly Amara has grown, even since the conception of this blog.

She's now choosing her own outfits.

Showing her sass.

And here's the dress she bought last year in Honolulu. She insisted on having a "Hawaii" background.

If only I could look so put together every day.


  1. adorable!! you went to Portrait innovations, didn't you? we have one here, and I just love them.

    I need to schedule my kids, as a matter of fact.

    but back to you! and Amara!

    the pictures are lovely. what a beautifuly little girl you have!


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