in a New York (Times) minute

My week at work has been horrendous. And I haven't even had a chance to check my email until now.

I am longing for a week on the Shore.

Yet because of my surgery earlier in the year, I'm running short on vacation days. But it doesn't mean I can't still dream of going out east. Anywhere out east.

So I found it ironic that not only did I get a voicemail from a public relations chick to try to set up a possible interview with a New York Times reporter. I also found an email this morning from a NYT writer. On something completely different.

What?!?! Seriously me? Mom2Amara?

A few days back, the doctor that performed my abdominal myomectomy called me. At work.

Uh oh. I swore she was calling to tell me they found something on my surgery results that didn't show up until six months later.

Neurotic, I know.

What my doctor wanted was a patient willing to talk to the NYT. What I didn't know is that my doc is in the top five in the country for my condition. And she is being interviewed by them and needs me to help them out.

Apparently I am a star patient.

With all the HIPAA laws out there, she wanted to talk to me first before just divulging my personal information.

But I said there was an email too, right?

Oh yeah, I found this in my inbox:
from: Kate
to: Mom2Amara
date: Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 10:39 AM
subject: interview

I am working on a story for Home section of The New York Times about the frustration of construction site theft. I stumbled on your fun blog and wondered if that has been an issue for you in the building of your house. Have things ever been delayed by stolen wiring or lumber? Windows, a/c units, fixtures gone missing? If yes, are you up for a brief telephone interview?
What? Twice in one week? Are you kidding?

I'm flattered the NYT has come calling. And actually sad to say we haven't had any problems at the work site because it would have been nice for the world to see Amara and our website.

But that's OK.

I still have a chance at one interview. And even then, it'll probably be done in a quick minute. Which gives Amara 60 more seconds in the limelight than we would have had otherwise.


  1. wow!! crazy!! I don't even think I've ever had the LOCAL paper clal me up about anything!

    keep us posted!

  2. Superstar!

    And, no, you're a friend even without my home number ...

    Remind me to tell you about that saga someday ...


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