letting my fingers do the walking

My internet woes seem to be over...for now.

But that doesn't mean the fam didn't spend a great first weekend at our apartment.

I have learned that the suburb we moved to temporarily is a fantastic walking community.

Dog2Amara hates it here. She has to accompany me on my long walks. A mile and a half is a far walk for a homebound pooch.

We're less than a mile from a homemade ice cream shop. Amara made the jaunt with me...all for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

She's ridden her bicycle around the neighborhood several times.

We visited the park. Hit the beach (but stayed out of the water for now). And we found a great local art gallery.

And to top it all off, we went to a local carnival. (You know I can't resist carnie food.)

I'm excited for the new house. But I wish we were moving to this 'burb.

I enjoy walking everywhere. I love the fact that other dog-lovers are out and about, and will smile and say "hi" as we pass.

And even though I have the internet again, I will keep moving. And it won't just be my fingers doing the walking. I like where we are. And I'm going to make sure Amara and I make the most of it while we're here.


  1. Q: Does walking for ice cream and carny food defeat the purpose of walking in the first place?

    A: Who cares! :)

  2. Good question, chris- and I would like the answer. Yesterday, my spouse and I went for long walk with the dogs that involved stops for beer and gelato. I figured that at least we added moving to our gluttony!

  3. Doesn't get any better than that: Dogs, ice cream, carnie food, walking, biking, Amara AND Mom and Dad 2 Amara!


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