life without the internet

I told Dad2Amara to "kiss." And now I'm regretting it.

Because the Yellow House sold and the new house is not yet complete, we needed to move to an apartment temporarily.

It's tight quarters. But we'll make due.

The rent is lower than our mortgage. Dad2Amara is ecstatic.

So I thought I was being a good wife when I said we should keep it simple. We could sacrifice cable and phone for two months. That would force me to take Amara on walks or to the park.

But I assumed that meant I'd have Internet to come home to.

And you know what happens when you assume.

Dad2Amara's aircard is not functioning properly.

I can't blog. Check email. Do research for work. Online shop.

I'm writing this post with my Blackberry. And the itty bitty keyboard is starting to get on my nerves.

My life is in such disarray.

How did I live without the Internet?

So if I'm not psting much, you'll know why.

Just think of me, Dog2Amara, and Amara frolicking in the woods. Because that's all I can do right now.


  1. Aww, no! NO INTERNET?! I feel for you. But just watch, 2 months will fly by just like that.

  2. just steal it from a neighbor? thats what i did for months!!! at least you have the bberry for email etc!

  3. Jaci - we tried that...yeah, not a strong enough signal! But I think Dad2Amara has fixed the problem. I'm back...for now!

  4. I once had to go more than two weeks without Internet in the house! It was pure torture! I had to go to the library every single day to try to get stuff done in the alotted one hour time frame you're allowed there. Ugh! Stupid addicting internet! Glad you're back though!

  5. i assume the list of what you can't do because of the lack of internet is in no particular order...


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