my daughter's wardrobe malfunction

It's taken awhile. But Amara's family is finally close enough geographically to friends with children near her age.

It's been such a battle. Finding friends with children. Or at least friends who were willing to put up with my child.

My friend Susan invited the three of us for dinner. Susan's son, William, is only a year older than Amara.

We arrived at their home. And the typical boy/girl dynamic went into motion.

William wanted nothing to do with Amara. And Amara chased him until he'd give in.

Only one problem. Amara's halter dress was a bit big around the chest. (That's an issue Mom2Amara has because I'm not as "blessed" as other women.)

So every time Amara would dart across the room or the yard, her dress would conveniently slide down, exposing...ahem...her nipple.

Yes, Amara, that'll get boys to give in to your every word. But can that wait until you're slightly older?

It was like hearing Rock Your Body over and over again in my head.

Fortunately Susan and her husband found it entertaining.

Dad2Amara failed to find the humor in it.

So note to self: No more halter dresses for Amara. At least not until she can take responsibility for her own wardrobe malfunctions.


  1. Great story ...

    Points to you for remembering the actual song being performed during Janet's actualy wardrobe malfunction.

    By the way, I was at a Super Bowl party when that happened ... not a single person saw it.

  2. Seriously, if I looked that cute in a halter dress -- I wouldn't care where it stopped or started.

  3. The plague of the loose halter top used to happen to me all the time as a kid. It got to the point my yaya would just sigh and put me in a t-shirt and shorts rather than risk another "woopsie daisy!" moment with yet another sundress. I was becoming quite the playground scandalosa!


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