rounding third and going home

OK so that's second base you see Amara rounding, not third.

But honestly, it may only be Monday but I feel like the week should be over already. And I'm ready to throw in the towel.

It was a jam packed weekend.

I worked part of Saturday.

A baby shower for a co-worker and friend.

An engagement party for another friend (at which I got to gossip with Em at...hi Emily!).

We met with the painter at the Grey House. You can see updated pictures of the construction at Amara's House Blog.

Then it was off for a beach party.

We hit a ballgame for Dad2Amara's nephew.

And even though I'm working today, I'm taking Tuesday off to take Amara to Cedar Point.

I'm exhausted. Wiped out.

Amara had fun. And I'm happy she's happy. But I'm still hoping next weekend won't be as hectic.


  1. Gossip? Did we gossip? Never! That will be next week's outing! Have fun at Cedar Point!


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