when not being invited would have been a good thing

It was another day at the ballpark for Amara's family.

If you haven't guessed, I'm not that into baseball.

And if I go to a game, I'm snobby picky particular about where I sit.

You can't go wrong with the club level. And right down the first base line is amazing.

And if I'm at Wrigley Field, being with the ivy in the bleachers with cheap beer is my ultimate baseball experience.

But sitting in the 400 level with in-laws of in-laws is not so fun.

We were invited to Dad2Amara's nephew's third birthday party at Progressive Field.

And when I say "invited," I mean we paid for our seats, our food, and our parking.

I was ok with all of it. I kept my mumbling to myself.

But when Dad2Amara's sister in law (Amara's aunt) and her family were sitting in another section than us, my mumbling got a bit louder.

If we weren't going to pretend to be a family for Dad2Amara's nephew's birthday, then why am I sitting in crappy seats? I would have preferred to have paid for better seats with better service.

Dad2Amara was not too happy.

And I would have been happier had we not been invited.

At least I got a great shot of Amara and Dad2Amara.


  1. OK ... you lost points by saying you're not into baseball.

    Then, you got them back by favoring the bleachers at Wrigley.

    We're still square. :)

  2. i love it. I can picture the scene and hear it in my mind. hahaha

  3. Love the random in the background of the Tim/Amara photo. Reminds me of the people who talk on their phones while in the crowd of the Today Show and then wave at their family at home.


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